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Complete Instructions of Form W-9

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Complete Form W-9 Guide for Businesses / Individuals

Any business or individual that hires independent contractors (commonly referred as vendors) or freelancers, should know about Form W-9 and how it simplifies 1099 filing.

See What’s inside on the Form W-9 PDF.

TaxBandits has created this helpful guide as a PDF to help businesses and individuals understand the
Form W-9.

This new guide is all about:

  • What is Form W-9?
  • Information required for vendors to complete
    Form W-9
  • Backup withholding
  • How do I request a Form W-9 from a vendor?

About TaxBandits

As an authorized e-file provider, TaxBandits offers simple solutions for completing Form W-9 and payroll and employment tax filing. With over a decade of experience, we provide an easy and efficient e-filing experience to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

We also provide various time-saving features such as bulk upload, in-built error check, TIN Validations, and more. At TaxBandits, we take data security seriously, and we are SOC2 Certified, HackerProof, & HIPAA Compliant.

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Yes, We share resources that help businesses and individuals stay up to date with recent changes made to Form W-9 and tax filings. Keep us in mind and reach out to our experts with all of your Form W-9 questions.

Form W-9: Complete Instructions