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Why TaxBandits is the Tax Partner for you

Save time, boost revenue, & grow your practice with a tax partner you can trust

TaxBandits provides a unique tax e-filing solution for all tax pros. From bookkeepers to accountants, whether you have 10 clients or 10,000 clients, we've got you covered. With our innovative features that cater directly to tax pros, you can rest assured you are choosing the most efficient tax software to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Software

Take your practice to the next level with TaxBandits, the most comprehensive software for tax pros like you.

Workflow Management

All Your Clients Under One Roof

Take the hassle out of juggling multiple clients. From your TaxBandits account, you can add multiple clients and businesses under one, single account. Your account will keep your clients organized giving you peace of mind that everything you need to run your practice efficiently is right under one roof.

Save Time; Yours and Your Clients

Don't wait for the postal service to deliver time-sensitive documents that you need your clients to sign. Save client documents securely in your account and easily send them any documents that need to be reviewed by a client, or e-signed.

Data Management

Automate the Way You E-file Taxes For Your Clients

Upload information for multiple clients all at once with Bulk Upload. Or, you can manually upload information from an API, PDF, and various other sources.

Transmit Error Free Returns the First Time

Let us help you avoid rejection. Prior to submitting any returns to the IRS, TaxBandits will perform an internal audit to ensure you are transmitting an error-free return to the IRS.

Easy to Navigate Dashboard

Stay in Control of Your Practice

From the simplified TaxBandits dashboard, you can view and track any activity happening within your account.

Generate Accurate Reports

Stay on top of your practice with comprehensive reports that you can generate, download, and print straight from your TaxBandits account. With our online reporting system, you can keep track of the success of your practice and the success of your clients.

Flexible Pricing Based on Your Needs

TaxBandits offers flexible pricing to accommodate the needs of your client base and practice. Initially, pricing will be based on the size of your client base and the tools you will need to get your forms filed.

Volume Based Pricing

TaxBandits offers an accommodating discount to tax professionals that have a large number of forms they need to file for a large amount of clients.

Package Pricing

Save time and money when you bundle your forms together! If you need to file multiple types of tax forms for your clients, TaxBandits can offer you package pricing specific to the bundle of forms you choose.

Prepay Credits

Know you’ll be filing a large amount of forms throughout the year? Save time with pre-paid credits. By pre-paying for credits, you won’t have to pay each time you need to file a bulk amount of specific tax forms.

Stay Compliant

Let TaxBandits help keep your clients and your practice compliant with the IRS

The different ways through which compliance of every economic transaction is achieved through TaxBandits is listed below:

IRS Reporting

Meet the IRS Reporting requirements through our comprehensive e-filing solution for 94x, W-2, 1099 and 1095 forms. As a trusted tax filing partner, we provide you with streamlined tax e-filing tools to help keep your clients compliant with the IRS year-round.

Additional Forms Supported for Tax Pros

TaxBandits is the tax filing solution that works for tax pros like you which means we have all the necessary forms you need to keep your business moving in the right direction. Tax preparers can send Form 8453-EMP to clients and once it is received back, you can conveniently e-sign this form right from your computer.

Updated tax laws

Staying on top of the updates to tax laws can be a hassle. Our hassle-free software will automatically update IRS tax laws such as changes in tax rate from inside your account. You can rest assured that the forms you are filing for your clients are up-to-date and accurate.

Automatic Tax Year Changes

TaxBandits likes to stay ahead of the game. This means that our intuitive software is built to accommodate all the changes that the IRS expects in a tax year. Our comprehensive software will automatically update these changes to be reflected in your account and while preparing forms for your clients.

Meet State Filing Requirements

For many states, it is required that you file 1099 and W-2 forms with your respective state. For your 1099 forms, states under the Combined Federal/State Filing programs of the IRS are supported as well as Form W-2 in states where this form is required for annual reconciliation or transmittal.

Comprehensive Record Keeping

Be confident that the important documents of your practices and of your clients are being kept in a safe place. TaxBandits has a thorough record keeping system that allows you to keep all transmitted and accepted tax forms organization and archived. Should you ever need to access any of these forms, you can do so anytime from your TaxBandits account.

Real People Ready to Help You Every Step of The Way

This simplified tax reporting platform will allow you to work efficiently to grow your practice faster than ever. Should you ever need any help with your account, you can conveniently contact your dedicated account representative by phone, email, or live chat.

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