FAQs on Form 94x Series

Form 941

What is Form 941?

When is Form 941 Due?

What is the Penalty for Failing to File Form 941?

How Do I File Form 941 Electronically?

How Do I E-file Form 941 with TaxBandits?

What is the Form 941 Schedule B?

Who Needs to File Schedule B with Form 941?

Where is Schedule B on Form 941?

How Can I View My Schedule B Before Filing My Return?

What is the Form 941 Schedule R?

Who Can File Aggregate 941 Forms?

I'm a CPA. Can I E-file Form 941 for My Clients with TaxBandits?

Can I E-file Form 941 for Multiple Businesses from One TaxBandits Account?

I'm a Reporting Agent. Can I E-file Form 941 for My Clients with TaxBandits?

How Will I Know If the IRS Has Accepted or Rejected My Return?

How Long Does it Take the IRS to Accept or Reject a Return?

What is the e-help line to contact the IRS?

Can I print my 941 return before transmitting to the IRS?

Can I upload employers in bulk to TaxBandits?

How late can I file Form 941 on the deadline?

I don't have all the information I need to file, will my progress be saved so I can finish later?

The IRS has received my Form 941. How do I submit my tax payment?

I just completed IRS Form 941 for the second quarter and I'm waiting for the customer signature. How do I print the return?

My Form 941 was rejected by the IRS and I need to file a correction. Can I do that here?

I just signed up and came across (PTIN) What is it that?

How much does it cost to e-file Form 941? Is there a special rate or discount if I file multiple reports?

I don't have the credit card to validate my ID for PIN request purpose. What else can I do?

I have lost my IRS Signature PIN for Form 941. How can I get another one?

Will I be charged for applying for a Online Signature PIN for e-filing Form 941?

When I click on Form 941 to start filing, it asks if I am a paid tax professional or business owner. I am neither. What should I select?

Is there a way to print the completed Form 941 for the client to review before it is e-filed?

Is my EFTPS PIN and Online signature PIN the same?

What is Form 8974 and how I can complete with TaxBandits?

Can I file Form 941 for the previous years?

Can I import the payroll information from my payroll software (e.g. ADP, Patriot, Sage 50, etc.)?