FAQs on W-2 Forms

How Do I Correct an Employee's Name or SSN on Form W-2c?

To correct any errors on previously filed Form W-2, you must use Form W-2c, Corrected wage and tax statement. Errors like an incorrect name, SSN, or amount, made on any Form W-2 or W-2c filed previously with the SSA can be corrected by filing a Form W-2c. Employees must be provided with a corrected copy of Form W-2.

How to correct Employee Name or SSN using Form W-2c?

To correct an employee's name or SSN, fill in Boxes d to i on Form W2c. Do not make any entries in Boxes 1 to 20.

Box d - Employee’s correct SSN

Enter the Employee’s correct SSN on Box d

Box e - Corrected SSN and/or name

Mark this checkbox and complete the boxes f or g

Box f - Employee’s previously reported SSN

Enter the employees previously reported SSN on Box f

Box g - Employee’s previously reported name

Enter the employees previously reported name on Box g

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