FAQs on W-2 Forms

Who is Required to File Form W-2 Electronically?

Any employer can file Form W-2 electronically to expedite the filing process, but it is mandated to e-file Form W-2 for those employers who have 250 or more forms to file.

Get started with any IRS approved e-file provider like TaxBandits to file your Form W-2 electronically.

File your W-2s with TaxBandits

With TaxBandits, streamline the W-2 filing process and file your W-2s on-time with both State and Federal agencies.

Your Forms are confirmed with the following data validation process to ensure your forms are error-free to transmit with SSA.

  • TIN Matching
  • IRS Business Rules Validation
  • USPS Address Validation
  • Form Field Level Validation

Employers having more than one employee can make use of our bulk upload template to reduce the time taken in their filing process.

Get Started Now with TaxBandits and swift your W-2 filing.

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