W-2 E-File & Recipient Copy Deadline: January 31, 2018

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TaxBandits W2 Form Software Helps You File Your W2 Form Online

TaxBandits offers an affordable, secure solution for filing W2 Forms online. Our streamlined interview-style process simplifies your year-end employee W-2 Form filing. Get started for free today!

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Form W2 Preparation Software Features

E-filing your employee Form W2 online couldn’t be easier. Our innovative W2 software helps you e-file and mail copies to recipients within minutes!

Bulk Upload Bulk Upload

Save time and upload information for multiple employees at once using our excel template or your own.

State Filings State Filings

E-file state W-2 forms quickly, along with any state reconciliation/transmittal forms.

Print Center Print Center

The Print Center within your TaxBandits account allows you to print your completed W-2 Forms at any time.

Postal Mailing Postal Mailing

Your recipient copies will be mailed directly from our historic Rock Hill, SC headquarters.

US-Based Customer Support US-based Support

Our US-based bilingual customer support team is dedicated to assisting you and your business.

State Filings API Integration

TaxBandits API integrates with your existing software allowing for a seamless data transfer.


Starts as low as


Federal E-Filing

Starts as low as


Premium Federal & State
E-Filing + Postal Mailing

For more pricing options:

For volume-based pricing options contact a TaxBandits representative.

File W2 Online & Mail Forms Today!

When you e-file your federal and state W-2 Forms using our W2 Form software, TaxBandits will automatically include your State Reconciliation/Transmittal Forms. Choose from our convenient mailing options to print and mail physical copies to your recipients from our historic Rock Hill, SC location.

File Your 1099 Forms Online

Need to file for your business’ contractors?

If your business hired a contractor during the 2018 tax year, you will need to submit a 1099 Form to the IRS by January 31, 2019. Bulk filing, prior-year and postal mailing options are available when you e-file your federal and state forms with TaxBandits.

Customer Testimonials

Easy to use and access forms. The tutorial is great and forms are sent to the proper place saving time and mistakes. Most tax forms are available.

- Carolyn

Tampa, Florida

User-friendly, easy navigation, and no repetitive typing. The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

- Holly

Dallas, Texas

It’s clean simplicity and reasonable pricing, plus the fact users can buy just one form and not a minimum of 10 like others do.

- Alfred

Louisville, Kentucky

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